Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shoe Tree

Chris and The Shoe Tree

Close up of one of the branches

On our trip to Idaho we came across a very interesting tree. As we were driving towards it on the windy roads we both asked "what is up with that tree?", once we close enough we could see that it was a bunch of tied shoes hanging all over it. We couldn't stop or turn around easily, so we both promised we would definitely remember to get a photo of it on the drive back to Oregon.

Do realize that this tree is between Vale and Burns, Oregon, and really there isn't anything all that close in regards to a town or city. So whoever did this really took some time and effort to make it possible. We were impressed! If you ever find yourself doing the trip on Highway 20 in Oregon as you are making your way towards the Idaho border you will find The Shoe Tree at mile marker 207 along the windy road - near the fresh water stop. I always find these type of things interesting - someone really wanted to make a Shoe Tree that would catch all travelers attention. Well done!

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Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Oh this is soooooo cool! I must put this pic up when I host the tree festival for November, hope you don't mind. I love it, it's wild.


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