Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Illustration Friday - Camouflage

This week's topic was a bit harder for me. I was trying to think of animals that I could use as the main subject, but I kept coming back to the idea of hiding and not being seen as a little girl. I remember when I was a kid (and even sometimes now as an adult) I felt like if I was at least covered by my favorite blanket (aka Wubby or Wubus) I was untouchable and as good as invisible. Nothing could penetrate the good ole Wubby. Though it was very important to have all limbs under Wubby, or you were a sure goner! :)

Anyways, this is my version of the topic. Thanks for taking a peek.



eugenia gina said...

it reminds me of Harry Potter invicible cloak! :D cute illo..

Emila Yusof said...

Cute illustration! I enjoyed reading your post. I love the word wubus!

Vhrsti said...

Great idea - excellent illo! Congratulations!


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