Monday, October 22, 2007

Favorite Time of the Year

Fall is my favorite season, with Spring as a close second. I have been enjoying baking, daydreaming, watching movies, reading wonderful blogs, sketching holiday ideas, and feeling a little overwhelmed with all the BIG ideas I have. Today my dog reminded me that getting out for walks is a good thing. I tend to push that aside sometimes because I think I have more important things I SHOULD be doing. But truthfully, some fresh air and chat time with Chris is one heck of a way to rejuvenate the juices - creatively and personally.

Today was unbelievably gorgeous here all day. After a week of raining, it was a perfect Fall day - blue skies, brisk air, fantastic coloring in the trees - don't get me wrong, I love the rain, otherwise I couldn't stand living in the Northwest, but these types of days are rare and I was bummed I had to be trapped in an office most of it. I rushed home after work so that I could get out before the bright blue sky faded and the sun disappeared. I live amongst trees, so we had to walk a bit to get above the tree line and catch the sun spotlighting the amazing tree leaves as they are at their prime right now. I didn't capture what I wanted to - the sun was already leaving - but I took a few photos. They don't come anywhere close in capturing the beauty of the day - maybe tomorrow!

These dangling pine cones caught my eye and got me inspired for the coming holidays.

I was hoping to post my Illustration Friday idea tonight, but just barely got the sketch done and started getting it drawn digitally now. So tomorrow is my hope.

I wanted to say hello to all the new folks visiting my blog. I am so excited to see posts and love checking out everyone's blogs. It is very inspiring. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments - they mean a lot!


flora said...

Fall is my favorite too!! Too bad it never lasts long enough! : ) I just love all the colors and the air smells different too!!!

Kelly Medina said...

It is so true.. I love the brisk air. *deep inhale* aaahhh :)


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