Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Silverware Packaging Reused!

I've been digging through my "container" container (ha!) and having time to actually label them with their new function. Here is my new color pencil container, made from packaging that I got new spoons in several years back. I have hung on to it for a while because I knew it had another purpose.

I hope this inspires people to re-use packaging or containers and give them another use. It really makes me feel good to know I am doing something to help the earth and organize my stuff! :)


Chickengirl said...

excellent! Love all the reuse of packages. I've been starting to think about that lately too, I have a coffee grounds can that I am hoping to fancy up into a cool container of sorts.

I love your re-use for the doggie bones container too. cute labels.

Kelly said...

Hi ya!

Cool to see your comment on my blog. I love visiting yours and seeing what great illustrations you come up with, not to mention all the work you get published - it is very inspiring.

Coffee ground cans definitely call out for another function - I would love to see what you end up doing with it.

Thanks for visiting.


flora said...

This is cool! :)
Have you ever had milk that comes in glass jars? I use those to store dry pasta...they look real nice in the kitchen!

Blogs from the Midwest said...

Love your work and the recycling. I am working in reuse of all my plastic containers. I switched my food storage to pyrex. Thank you for the inspiration.


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