Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Colored Pencil

I'm working on an illustration for a friend. I'm not happy with the sky, so I cut it out for this post. This kept me quite busy last night and thought I would share it. I'll either re-draw it or do it digitally.


Curt Rogers said...

I LOVE this picture! I think this is easily one of my favorites and I don't see a problem with the sky all. The colors are wonderful and it has a very natural feel to it Thank you for sharing this.

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks, Curt :) I am really enjoying the colored pencils, it is a nice change from working digitally so much.

Salix Tree said...

Kelly, I love this one. I like it more than the digital version, it sings more, if you know what I mean. Has more expression to it.
Well, I like most rough drawings better anyway, because it catches that first emotional moment, and very hard to recapture that afterwards.


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