Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rubber Stamp Making

I went to the art store today to pick up a few things - man do I love going to those types of stores. I saw these wood cutting tools and then the rubber blocks and immediately had to have them. I have been wanting to make my own rubber stamps for years now. I just keep forgetting to actually do it! I have read up on how you can take any eraser and make a stamp. But I guess it takes a store full of art supplies to really get the fire started.

Tools, rubber block and sharpening stone.

My mess and a pretty fun bunny stamp. It isn't perfect, but not too bad for my first try. I also did it super fast because I wanted to have an example for my post tonight.

I used this site for a bit of guidance but mostly it is pretty easy to figure out on your own. Try it. I know I will be making more!


Flora Chang said...

OH MY GOD!!! Kelly...I've been thinking about making rubber stamps this whole week too... how funny!!! :) I am so excited to see your stamps and I am gonna read the link you provide later....

That bird thing is actually a three tier wire basket with a bird attached to the top. I got it at a local shop but it's not an antique, so I am sure you probably can find one online somewhere. I will let you know if I come across one again. I LOVE BIRDS TOO!!!! At the same time, this website has xome bird items too...

I might just combine two blogs together... :)

Eugenia Gina said...

haven't carved since college..and your post make me want to did it all over again :D It's cute kelly...! and for the link too..


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