Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Silk Screened Holiday Card

Here is our second print. It came out pretty great. Some of the smaller type on the back - "100% recycled paper..." are losing their middle hole. We think we might need to try an even finer screen to get that perfect. But the front image printed wonderfully. It is such a blast and I'm so excited to try 2 colors next. We need to get some small hardware so we can register the paper and screen properly before we try multiple colors.


Danielle McDonald said...

Gorgeous as ever! So cute! I have finally visited your shop and was delighted to find my favourite hicker girl there! Could not resist and am thrilled to tell you that I have just bought her! It's my first ever on-line purchase so am a bit scared and excited! I hope those three bunnies make there way to the shop soon as I know I wont be able to resist them! CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful shop and thank you for making it easy to use!....now I am off to spend at some of my other favourite sites!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks so much, Danielle. It means a lot to have the positive feedback, and I am glad to hear the shop is easy to use. We tried to make it really straight forward and easy.

Thanks for your order and I will have that to you soon! (I sent you an email with more detail.

Flora Chang said...

They turned out so well!! Congratulations, Kelly!! : )


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