Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Madeline's Cat Heaven Card + Stickers

Sadly, another friend has lost a kitty after many years. My friend asked me to make another Cat's Heaven card and I changed the colors of the cat to match this kitty, her name is Madeline. Madeline's little human girl, Sophia, is terribly sad and has been mourning the loss deeply. I thought some sweet stickers with Madeline on them might cheer her up. I hope so anyways.

I have also been keeping busy with wrapping and then boxing gifts to send out this week. I'm always stressed about getting my presents to my family on time. As a young 20-something I was always late sending gifts and one year I vowed I would not be late getting my gifts delivered on time. So I plan, schedule and have done pretty good on getting them home in time for the big day. I am right on schedule so should be just fine *knocks on wood*, just incase :)


Christine said...

What a beautiful bunch of stickers :) (I'm sorry for your friends' loss)

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks, Christine. I hope they cheer up the little girl, at least a little bit. She was taking it pretty hard.


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