Sunday, December 30, 2007

Doodle - Before and After

The scan

The colored scan.

I like how this turned out. I think one thing I am finding is I need to have a very clean lined illustration to scan. I need to restock up on my Pigma Micron pens. Does anyone have other suggestions for a good pen for lines?


Flora Chang said...

It's so adorble, Kelly!! 0.3 black Micron pens are the only pens I use to do line drawing too! And I buy them in bulk from our art supply store at work.

I like the fuzzy edge though... And you can always scan it at a higher res and then tweak it in Photoshop with level, curve, bright/contrast to get a more crispt edge. Or do you have the software like Adobe Silhouette to turn your linework into vactor drawing? That will help too.

Kelly Medina said...

Oh, that is a good idea to see if I can get them in bulk -those pens can be spendy little suckers.

I agree, I like the texture of the rough line. I don't have that software, but I will look into it a bit and see what I think.

Thanks for all your input, Flora! :)

Danielle McDonald said...

Hi Kelly this is gorgeous. I also like the fuzziness in the lines as it's a bit of a reminder that it's hand done!

But for some tips - sometimes the paper stock that you use can impact on the type of line you get from a pen, and am I the only one who still swears by "Rotring" Pens?
Also - the latest versions of Illustrator have a "trace" function on them that turns the line art into vector art. I used to use a program called Streamline from Adobe to do this, but apparently now it's all part of Illustrator!

Anyway - whatever you are doing is working so keep it up!


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