Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For a Friend

At the end of November one of my closest and oldest friends made this post requesting feathers. Once he talked to me about it I started planning. That night I found the tiny feather on our bed - you can barely see it in the plastic bag. During the weekend, I played with watercolours, trying to make a decent feather and then did some stamping. Chris thought we should definitely include one of the wild turkey feathers that are scattered all over our yard. So we went out and found the one in the best shape - soaked/cleaned it and dried it to package up.

Here is what I sent. So please be thinking good thoughts for him during the holidays - even if it is "hmm wonder how that feather guy is doing on his drive? I hope he made it." - that counts! This is a huge challenge for him, and I know he can accomplish it.


sketched out said...

Kelly, thanks for the link to your friend's blog. It was such a poignant yet humorous post. That's a beautiful feather you're sending/sent him.

Having dealt with some (much milder) anxiety issues, I am definitely rooting for him!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks, I know he would appreciate it.

And he is a great writer and very funny. Though me saying that will surely go to his head and I will have to hear about it for days...weeks!


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