Saturday, December 15, 2007

I love..

my fast-growing, cutesy bowl collection. While I was making a coffee this morning I started looking at a pair of new small bowls I recently picked up (the cat and dog) and thought I would post my variety of bowls. I love finding unique little bowls that have cute characters and fun colors - I always look at ceramic sections for the perfect mug and anything else that I might fall in love with.

These are the undersides of the bowls in the first picture. I have a couple big cereal bowls and two small mugs (one for work, one for home) with the monkey illustration. They make me happy!

I find uses for the small bowls all the time. We use them a lot for snacks to have out our computers. These have Cheese Bunny crackers and peanuts with dried cherries - great for portion control. I mostly wanted to show that the insides of the bowls have the cute illustrations as well.

The bee and bunny bowls are bigger in size and used for soup and cereal. Also, to hold garlic & shallot bulbs.

Seriously, how cute is this!?

I got these locally at a great shop called Down to Earth. So it took a bit to find any sources to share with readers, but I finally found a few. I saw a few that are new to me and awesome! has a nice Kotobuki collection.

Kotobuki Trading shows a lot of their different types of ceramics, as well as other products. But I didn't see the cute illustration kind.

Wedge Worldwide this site has the cute and more cute! oooh man, finding this has made me giddy!


Chickengirl said...

I have those monkey bowls in green!!

Kelly Medina said...

Hey Chickengirl :) oooh greeen would be cool. Don't they just make you happy to use them?


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