Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Stamp

Sundays are my declared day of relaxing and doing whatever I want to. I did just that. I watched several Pixar movies while I played with watercolours, invested in my IRA, straightened up some more, prepared a package for a friend, and whatever else crossed my mind. I love days like this.

I did make this rubber stamp and I liked it enough to show. I did a better job this time, but still working on scraping out the little areas. I might need to get the more stiff rubber material if I want to do more detailed pieces. But this was fun, and I stamped it on to an old mp3 player pouch and a dyed tag I had laying around. And believe me those aren't the only places, I stamped it all over the place - ha! I saw that Geninne has a great tutorial to check out if you are interested. It is very informative and just love her illustrations/lettering she put into it.


Curt Rogers said...


eugenia gina said...

waaa it's cute! I'm gonna check Genninne blog for sure..

btw. kel, do you know ghibli is working on a water colour animation movie, can you imagine that? I can't wait to see it :)

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks :)

Curt - uh huh.

Eugenia: WOW! That is going to be gorgeous and amazing, I can't wait! Thanks for letting me know :)
(posted on your blog a similar message)

Chickengirl said...

ohh gosh, yeah! I really want to do rubber stamps now! But I think I am too lazy to carve this! Your birdie design looks really cute. I would stamp it on everything too.

Hey funny how you remembered me mentioning that I wanted to re-use the coffee cans on your blog...that was SO LONG ago! I can't believe I finally got around to it...just now!


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