Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tray of Cookies

Lots of baking the last few days, finally done, well at least for this week. It all turned out tasty!
Walnut Brown Sugar Rugelach
Chocolate Mint Wafers


flora said...

I think you are going to open a bakery in the future!
They looks SO YUMMY!!!!

Kelly Medina said...

Actually, I used to be a baker and cake decorator. I really enjoyed it. It is what I did while going to school for graphic design.

I'll eat one extra for you! :)

flora said...

Haha~~ i didn 't know! No wonder! : ) You got talent!
I read your latest post... I so wish that I were one of those people who doesn't need to sleep at all.... Can you imagein how many more cookies you can bake if you don't have to go night night?

Kelly Medina said...

Exactly! I might even be able to fit in some extra exercising to work them off. :)


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