Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bunny Trio Bag

I am working on making more reusable bags for grocery shopping. I have a couple I made a while back, but I want something stiffer. This didn't turn out much stiffer, but it is thick! In the Bend-the-Rules book it suggests using cotton flannel for inner lining, I didn't pay attention to which fabric I grabbed and used white fleece - no wonder it is thick as a blanket! So I might end up taking it apart and reusing the pieces for another bag. That ISN'T what I meant when I said "reusable bag" by the way. *sigh* :)

But the fun part was I got my illustration on the front to see how those inkjet transfers work - they work good! Overall, good learning experience.


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Hey kelly, what kind of ink transfers did you use? Yours turned out so cute! I've been meaning to try those things out but I'v heard they dont work (or they crack.)

Anonymous said...

Oh the bunnies! I love the bunnies! And three. I have three girls. And I always tell the to quick, hop like a bunny!

Love those bunnies!

marie-louise said...

I found you from Christine Clemmensen and it´s so great with this "you make my day" thing.
Your bunnys is sweet and I am very bad to writes in english but it´s funny to try.

sketched out said...

So multi-talented you are! That is such a sweet bag, and the bunnies...I loves me some bunnies. Those are the cutest!

Christine said...

What an awesome idea. Completely cool. I'm very inspired -- I want to make me one (or more) of those. Thank you:))

Kelly Medina said...

Hi Chickengirl, I used Avery T-Shirt transfer. I didn't have any problem like that, but I haven't washed/dried this since I put the transfer on it. So people might have experienced the cracking then.

Cardiogirl & Sketched out: Thanks, I love bunnies, too cute!

Marie-louise: I'm so glad you are visiting. I like your blog a lot. I think you are doing really well writing english.

Kelly Medina said...

Christine: You really should. You can make it your own style of bag. I plan to make a few more for sure.


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