Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Zipper Pouch

I decided to clear off the clutter from my art/sewing table and make a zippered pouch. I have been wanting to make these for quite a while now. I have read several tutorials and it is pretty straight forward. For the pouch I did tonight I ended up combining several tutorials. This one and this one. Still new to sewing these are a great project for beginners, even though the zipper scared me at first, it really is pretty easy.

Isn't that inside fabric so cute!? I love it and the colors are lovely.


Danielle McDonald said...

What a fabulous combination of fabrics! You are so clever! I admire anyone who can sew!

Christine said...

Hi Kelly:) I gave you the "You make my day"-award (please see my blog for more info). I really like your blog, and I so appreciate your visits and your sweet comments:)) Take care /C

tina kugler said...

this is adorable!! i LOVE the fabric you used on the inside, it is like a great little secret surprise!
i can't sew two pieces of fabric together to save my life (like in a james-bond-scenario)...


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