Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Day

A co-worker's last day is tomorrow - she has been working at the studio for 16 years. I made her favorite cookie, macaroon dipped in chocolate and made a card from one of my Illustration Friday submissions she said she liked. I made up a box to take in for everyone to have some, but gave her three of her very own. I'm glad we had left overs for Chris and I. :)

Update: The macaroons were a huge hit. I heard "best macaroon I have ever had", so if you want to make them use the above recipe. I rotate the pans half way through the cook time.


Curt Rogers said...

You're very generous and kind. Not only is she going to love the gift, she'll be touched by the thought behind it. Remember the Pooh Bear coloring book you gave me way back when? You're a good person, LeLa, through and through.

Vhrsti said...

Fabulous blog full fo amazing works! Love especially your stitch illo! Love your sweet pictures!!!

mushroommeadows said...

Looks like a great farewell gift...very thoughtful. :)


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