Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doodle - Pen Test

A month or so ago I asked what folks were using for drawing. I had been using Pigma Micron. I went to pick up more pens at my local art store, thinking I would just get more Pigma Microns, but I saw the Copic Multiliner SP .25 and liked it because it is re-useable, silver, and made nice clean lines. You can replace the nib and the ink. The actual pen is a cool silver metal and it feels cool in the hand.

Then Miss Flora, over at Happy Doodle Land wrote up a post reporting on some pens she had purchased - I think she is a pen junkie like me - I noticed the Hi-Tec-C pen. I love the fine point and it works perfectly for how I doodle - which is usually very small. I ordered a pack of multi-colors from JetPens and they got here quickly and free shipping (spent over $25). I'm very happy with these. Although, they aren't re-useable I love the fine point and having colors! Since I am not into shoes, I figure pen collecting isn't too bad of a vice. :)


Anonymous said...

Look how fun these doodles are! I love all the colors and wish, for just one day, I had the talent you have.

Very fun!

Flora Chang said...

These are FUN!!! : )
Don't you love that website? They ship so fast!
(Did you use the Hi-Tec C for these doosles?)

Kelly Medina said...

Yah, I did. These are rather small on paper too - so that point is wonderful!

dowdyism said...

Great doodle - I love the Hi-Tec-C's!


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