Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have been getting the purging bug lately. I am a bit of a gatherer - being a passionate believer in re-using/recycling old things, I tend to get a bit of a build up of containers, old clothes/socks, paper, string/ribbon, boxes and more. One weakness I have is hanging onto magazines for far too long. I always think I will use them for inspiration, but I realized I had very old (1999-2003) magazines boxed up in the closet. So about a month or more ago we pulled them out and I have meant to go through them since. I finally did today! I drank a double shot of mocha, put on a movie for background and began flipping through each. I clipped out illustrations/photos that I liked for putting in my Inspiration binders. I am going to save the organizing of the clippings for another day. I took 3 huge loads out to the recycle bin!

So hopefully this week won't be a bunch of posts with pictures of my crazy mess - but then again it just might, I have to embrace it when the urge to purge comes.

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