Friday, February 22, 2008

The Shirt Tote

So here is the final tote. It's not beautiful, but it is functional and I learned a few things since I didn't use any instructions. I need quite a few more shopping bags, so this will be put to use. And I am really happy to repurpose some old clothes I was going to get rid of - I used an old striped shirt, black shorts and long sleeve shirt for the inside lining. I loved the stripes, so knew I had to make something.
Anyone know a good material or method to get a stiff bag with gussets?


flora said...

Cool! You are queen of recycling! :D

sketched out said...

Your so clever and so thoughtfully green!

platitudinal said...

This is great. I have a stash of my son's outgrown clothes and my husband old shirts. I've been wanting to do something brilliant like this. Now, I just have to learn to sew! Like sketched out said, you're one clever and thoughtfully green woman, Kelly! ;)


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