Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Work Space

I recently got tagged by Flora and Nina to show my work space. Just like Flora I felt I should clean up a bit before taking the picture, but decided against it. So here is my messy little work space. I do usually clean of the work table when I prepare to sew so I have a nice work space to cut fabric on. But usually I have stacks of papers, magazines and misc. things around. I so wish I could be a minimalist type person, but I just can't seem to do it - so done fighting it! Instead I try to just have a place for every thing so I can find it quickly.

My desk for the digital work. Bookcase showing slightly on the left, where I have a nice selection of design, sewing, and cooking/baking books. I like them being in arms reach.

This is my art table where I do most of my sewing projects. The Hallmark cards lining the underside of the window are so wonderful and I have tried to find the artist but didn't have much luck. That is a Spiderman poster in the upper left (my favorite super hero since I was a kid).

So there you have it... my little studio.

I can tag someone but I am not sure there is anyone I know who hasn't already shown their work spaces. But if you are reading this and haven't posted a work space picture, please do and comment here so I can go check it out. It really is cool to take a little peek into people's work spaces.

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Flora Chang said...

FUN! Your space is really clean already for a studio! Thanks for playing along! :)
I can't really see those cards in the photos... Otherwise I might be able to tell you; seems like they are from different artists.


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