Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Planted Seeds

First off, I am feeling much better. Thanks everyone for the well wishes :) Still not a 100%, but definitely better than I was a few days ago *cringe*, that was rough. I am being positive and hoping for a quick recovery.

Second, I have been wanting to share some photos of seeds we planted. I finally got a chance to take a picture of the cute little starts coming up.

These are the seeds we wanted to try first. We didn't plant the squash.
Ready to go and grow!
Radishes! We wanted to do these because we heard they are a great beginner's plant to grow from seed and we love them in our salads.
Lettuce (left), radishes (right) and in the way back, upper right is a spinach start.

I hopefully didn't just jinx us and these don't get much further, but I am hopeful. Any growers visiting my blog - I would love any tips and tricks you can give for growing your own vegetables. I will definitely share more when they get bigger.

We had some deer come around and eat all my English daisy blooms - they were supposed to be deer resistant. And I was just thinking yesterday I wanted to pick a few and take some photos, but since I was sick didn't quite feel up to it - so needless to say I am a bit bummed! Oh well, the risks of living around all this wildlife.


blazedanielle said...

Hello! You have a marvelous blog! :) And I love that you are planting seedlings!! What fun! I a doing the same, and as I type, there is a we little sunflower sprout on my windowsill! :)

sheree said...

aww how cute! i'm finally getting seedlings too :)

just wish i had labeled them!


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