Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lovely Snail Mail

I received a very creative package from Christine. She sent out packages to all the folks that participated in a guessing game on her blog several months back - which I guessed wrong - it ended up being this cool bag. I was so surprised that she was going to send me something just for guessing! Too sweet, thanks Christine.

She made these lovely, little stamps and card - I'm always so impressed with people's stamp making skills - great job Christine! Here are all the stamps she made to send out - so cute! Also, the colorful and wonderful samples of Christine's collage work were a nice surprise.

The icing on the cake was receiving some new stamps for my collection. I really love the simple, single color Denmark stamps. Yay!


Mônica said...

Ohh, don't you just love to receive happy mail? These are so gorgeous!

I've given you an award, Kelly. You can see it on my blog. :-)

mushroommeadows said...

oh, looks like a lovely surprise in the mail indeed! :)

Christine said...



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