Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello there...

The first day of Fall is here (and almost over)! Aaw, my favorite time of year, though Spring is starting to be a close runner up.

This isn't fall themed at all, but nonetheless an illustration I worked on tonight. I've been feeling a bit busy (aka overwhelmed) with catching up on misc. things the last few weeks. It has all been good, but takes lots of organizing to get it all situated and done. I sure do love checking things off my lists.

I did some office re-arranging and starting to think I need to get back on sewing. But most of all I need to get focused on my business plan and actually start setting time a side strictly devoted to that. At least, I need to make a decision on what I want to focus on and if I even want to do it. I'm rambling a bit, but that is where my head is these days. So bare with me. :)

Well, I hope everyone had a great first day of fall. Keep your head up and watch those beautiful changing leaves mesmerize!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your new illustration... it's so cute.
What you write is full of energy and I hope it cheers me on a little bit!
Love, Edina

mushroommeadows said...

It looks like a temporary cool!

el gran pablinew said...

Excelente Peter Pan y el chef birdgiano.
Alucinante. Me encanto todo lo que vi por aquí.

Tomás Serrano said...

This is a wonderful character. The Motown is my favourite. Sugary ir really sugary...


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