Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just beautiful...

this wonderful world is. I can get pretty consumed and down about the state of the world, especially when I am reading the news as much as I am these days. But one thing that has helped keep my spirits up is my biking to work during the week. Being outside of a car slows me down and opens me up to seeing things I normally wouldn't, like little animals scampering about and getting into all sorts of mischief, the nods and smiles to other bikers along the way, and being able to take in a full appreciation of the beautiful fall weather this year. I am in love with the sun coming through the light fog and thinning trees in the morning and then the afternoon brings vibrant blue skies and unbelievable bursts of colors from all the trees and plants.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to slow down and enjoy this gorgeous season.

With the weather being so nice I met C and dog at the dog park after work on Friday. It was a beautiful day and a nice bike ride there - a different route than normal which is always fun.

I took a walk on a break and gathered some leaves and took some photos. Aaah. :)

What more can be said - *high five* to Mother Nature! :)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start your day, on a bike in the fresh beautiful fall air. What could be better? Fall is a gift, and my very favorite.

sketched out said...

You sure are a positive person. I love coming here and getting a dose of your attitude. What a great commute you have, he ehee! I wish I lived closer to work, so I could ride my bike. But carpooling does give me a chance to look around and appreciate the world. There's a lot more beauty out there than you realize when you're rushing around.

Sarah said...

This pics are georgous! reminds me of home. ps. thanks for the kind words on my apple lady. I also LOVE your little hiker girl with the tofu!

life without novacaine said...

Gorgeous photos! I could stare at these all day long! What do you do when it rains?


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