Friday, November 28, 2008

A Super Thanks to Allan!

I am way slow on posting these pictures, but with a 4 day weekend I am getting some time to finally take pictures of a few fun things to share. A few weeks back I was clicking on through my Google Reader (next button rocks! Set yours up if you haven't yet) and saw Chickengirl had received this red robot illustration from Allan Sanders. I love super heros, I love robots and I love red, white and black artwork, so easy to guess - I had to get me one! I went to his blog and luckily saw his post about a Super Hero Giveaway and sent him an email asking if it was too late to get one. He was so nice and even included the red robot - score! I immediately framed both pieces and had them on my walls for the last few weeks. I might end up changing the frame on the Super Hero postcard, but I just had to have it up to see every day.

(image from Allan's blog.)

I love his illustrating and lettering style - very talented.

Thanks again, Allan! :)

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