Monday, December 15, 2008

White silence

When I woke up today, I immediately noticed how bright the house was and looked out the window to see white powder everywhere. I stepped out on my porch, looking around and pausing to hear the soothing silence that only fresh snow brings. It was so quiet, so bright and sooo cold! The fresh, white world just took my breath away and made me feel nostalgic - to be a kid again on a Snow day! I love the snow, it helps me feel like it really is Christmas. I have a hard time getting into the holidays, ever since I moved to the Northwest, the winters are so mild and mostly just dreary rain. It never FEELS like Christmas to me. When I go to Idaho for Christmas and see the snow and my family, I suddenly feel like "oh, right! It is Christmas time". I guess growing up with snow during the winter has trained my holiday clock to only really go off when I see flakes falling from the sky. The white came just in time to spur me on with my holiday crafting.

I think I might have to make some hot chocolate or maybe a double shot espresso Mocha a.k.a. adult hot chocolate. Cheers to a snow day!

Some photos from my morning:
The turkeys were up bright and early and leaving their mark in the fresh snow.

A decent amount of snow fell last night.

It has been such an odd winter. We still have changing leaves hanging in the trees.

My own mini-Lynx. Mister Z loved the snow. This was his first experience to enjoy it. He was digging, tearing around and kicking it up everywhere and hunting K-Dog. :)

K-Dog totally oblivious to the Mister Z hunting her. She was too busy digging to find sticks and rocks. Animals are so fun in the snow!


Anonymous said...

Love those turkey tracks! I thought you made them at first! :p

Kelly Medina said...

Hehe, nope, those wild turkeys are no myth. I think everyone that visits my house is quite amazed at them.

Thanks for visiting!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh this is wonderful Kelly! Love these pics. The turkey's footprints cracked me up!!!!!

And your pets are so beautiful... I specially love K-dog, what a sweet and tender face!!

Enjoy your snow Kelly! :o)

flora said...

We have been having snow here too and it is SOOOOOO COLD!!!

The other day I saw two red foxes in the snow... they look just like those you would see in the cartoon. They are so cute. :)

Merry Christmas! XO


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