Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm working on a few new clip art sets though I got a little sidetracked and created this instead. But it will be easy to add a few more elements and make a cute set.

Thanks for all the kind comments on my last set - each one made me smile and spurred me on to keep at it.


Slagle Family said...

CUTE.... an ant having the bbq instead of stealing it!!! We were almost over taken by ants tonight we barley won the battle

mushroommeadows said...

hehehe finally! ants contributing to bbqs and picnics instead of just hauling the goodies away! :)

Kelly Medina said...

Hah, thanks ladies :)

sheree said...

hey kelly,
your stuff is so cute! i am curious though, do you still retain ownership rights on mygrafico?

btw, i love your outdoor photos!

Kelly Medina said...

Hi Sheree,

Thanks:) I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your garden.

Yes, I do retain ownership rights on the work I do for MyGrafico.


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