Monday, June 15, 2009


I am trying desperately to catch up on my Reader list and read all the blogs I love. Today I started and after a few clicks I came across THIS....

How awesomely creative is that!? I love it. It is all baked treats and a great surprise for a dad or for anyone really. Just change the message and you got something special for sure! You have to check out the Bakerella's instruction for this Fast Food Fun. The only thing I would do different is make everything from scratch. I don't like to make things from boxes - I'm not a snob I just need to know exactly what is in my food, ya know?

Also, just roam the Bakerella site - great stuff and fabulous photography.


willynillywaterlily said...

Oh wow! That's really cute and creative . . . and very real looking! Thanks for sharing! :)

Squirrel Girl said...

Hi Kelly!! Just dropping by to let you know I have chosen you for an award! Check out my blog to learn more. ^_^


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