Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adorable Bugs, Spider and Flowers!

A little something new for my mygrafico site.

A few samples I created. I really like the mailing labels and think I will make a few for myself :)


sheree said...

aww your bugs are so cute! i love to save bugs that get trapped in my house. i'd like to think they have charming little smiles like your bugs.

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Sheree :)

And me too. Though I have to say earwigs still freak me out - ever since I was kid. It was mostly the name - the thought of them in my ears. Yikes!

Thanks for stopping by. Oh and I will post something about jam soon. We will be making a batch of blueberry soon. Yum!

life without novacaine said...

I really like your mailing labels too. Super duper cute!

I hear you on the earwig thing. Gross. I have a thing about roaches. I never saw one until I went to Hawaii and had a run in with a giant one that sounded like he wore tap shoes when he walked. Did a little soft shoe around me just to taunt me. Ugh. My husband grew up in Hawaii so he doesn't how to empathize with my horror on the roach thing!


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