Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bye October

This has been a busy weekend. Actually, October was a busy month. I like that! I love feeling busy and productive in my life. I can't share a lot of what I have been working on behind the scenes but I can show this cute illustration I did over the weekend for a freelance project I am working on.

With November here I really need to get organized on all my gift giving for this coming holiday season. Last year I made all my gifts and absolutely enjoyed giving them away and hearing the great response. Also, I haven't done much sewing in quite some time and miss it.

I'm going to sleep good tonight!

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life without novacaine said...

We are going to have a homeade gift giving year too. Any suggestions?

So far, we (my son and I) are going to make soap. I have two small quilts to sew and that's about as far as I have gotten.

Can't wait to hear about your projects that are keeping you busy! Very cute little doggie.


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