Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lovely Video

I just have to share this today. My twittering chum, Amanda Chronister, linked it today in Twitterland. Thanks for sharing this Amanda!

And now I share it with all of you. It is absolutely lovely. *sigh*


nina seven said...

thanks for sharing, kelly. that was truly lovely and the music was a dream.

rebekah said...

it's so amazing. love it!

Kelly Medina said...

I'm so glad you both liked it. I want to see and hear more! :)

Juana Martinez-Neal said...

stop animations are just so awesome. hope your foot is better :)

Kelly Medina said...

I agree. So cool and awesome music.

My foot is doing much better thanks! I'm almost ready to get back on our night walks. My dog is getting tired of me being a wimp! :)

Amanda said...

Yay! I loved this so much. I think this was noted on the youtube page, but the music is by A Fine Frenzy, who is actually the same girl in the video. She and her music are both pretty dreamy.


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