Monday, March 8, 2010

Spa Day Clip Art Set

I have a new graphics set available at Kelly Medina Spa Day Clip Art.


Abz said...

This is so freakin awesome!! I love the colours and the way the mask looks! Well done, i'm going to keep an eye on you!! :) (cucumber free)

Brad said...

well done kelly! i like the color palette you used for this it is perfectly soothing!

Anonymous said...

This makes it VERY hard for me to focus on work today. :) Nicely done!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Abz and nice to meet you! I just visited your site and LOVE your work! :)

Thanks Brad - it is so much fun when you love the color palette. That isn't ALWAYS the case for some jobs.:)

Thanks Libby! You are focusing hard now so you can have the relaxing day in the near future! :)


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