Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farm Animals Art Set

I had a nice day today. I got lots done and this was one of them. I've had these guys in my sketchbook for a long time and had a request for a farm animals clip art set this evening so I was inspired to bring them to life! I am so happy that I did. :)

Available in my Etsy shop Kelly Medina Studios - Farm Animals Art Set

and in my MyGrafico shop Kelly Medina Studios


bee said...

Ah sooo cute! The Billy Goat with the cute shaggy beard is my fave! And I love the happy sun too :D

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Bee, me too! I really like the sheep. They are so fun to draw - adorable cotton balls with legs. :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Very cute farm animals!

Flora Chang said...

Heehee... looks like the goat has mustache. So cute!!


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