Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Site is Up!

We got the new site done and it is up and looking snazzy! I cleaned up my portfolio and added a "collections" area for all the art sets I have been creating this year. I got my shops on there and all my social media bling! :) hah.

Let me know what you think :) Thanks!

Kelly Medina Studios Website


bee said...

It looks fabulous Kelly! Bright and fun and friendly. Love it, well done :)

Mr. Spoqui said...

It's preety cool, so sweet, love the blue background!

Tamara Henderson said...

Love your new website, it looks great!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks! It feels great to have it done and have your kind comments. :)

life without novacaine said...

Very nice job on the website! That is a big undertaking and you did it! AND it looks fab and is easy to navigate through. Take a bow... it's awesome!

nina seven said...

wow, kelly! It's a fantastic site. You did a top notch job on it. Good luck!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks much! :)

I'm lucky my sweetie is a wizard with the coding. phew! :)

MerryDay said...

I have just visited your site. Nice one! You have everything in there.

I have to think about my site now too!

Btw, I have just moved my blog to new address. Please come visit me :-)



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