Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to School Days Art Set

A new art set and card design for Back to School theme. Available in my here.


Tamara Henderson said...

really cool back to school set bring back a lot of memories of getting school supplies for the first day of school! love the yellow bus!

Squirrel Girl said...

Oooo I always LOVED buying new school supplies! I really like your new avatar!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Tamara and Summer :)

I love buying school supplies. Even now I stop and check out what is on sale even though I don't go to school, or even need the stuff! I'm also an office supplies junkie (adult version of school supply junkie).

Kaili said...

Hey Kelly, just popped in and thought I'd let you know: your blog looks so great!!! Gorgeous illos make it even better :)

Kelly Medina said...

Hi Kaili! So nice to see you popping by. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you! :)


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