Monday, July 5, 2010

Birth Announcements

I hope everyone has had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Mine was spent working on projects and taking a little time to relax here and there. My main duty on this holiday is to keep music or a movie going so my dog doesn't have to hear the firecrackers. She hates them and becomes so sad when she hears them. Poor thing. I actually dread New Year's and the Fourth cause I know she will be anxious all night long. But we made it through it. I think I will try the Valerian root or Lavender next time to help her relax. How was your holiday weekend?

Here are a few birth announcements I have worked on. 


Jane Wilson said...

these are really nice kelly. i like the little ladybug!

nina seven said...

great birth annoucements, kelly. looks like you are getting to work on some fun projects lately. thanks so much for your comment on my hallmark card. i can hardly believe i actually won something!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Nina and Jane :) Always nice to see you two stopping by.

Tamara Henderson said...

Cute birth announcements! My dog is the same way. When it thunderstorm I can't calm him down. I hold and pet him sometimes but it doesn't help. Someone told me to get a bone for him to chew on when it's a storm.


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