Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Halloween Art Set

In the design world we have to work far ahead on seasonal graphics. I am beginning to work on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this week, and I think I am getting a late start compared to others!

This is my first Halloween set this year and I hope to put a few more together soon.

Available in my Etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

I like your sets but I liked your blog more when it was more ecclectic and not so business-y. Good work but I miss teh old stuff, too.

Julissa said...

Really cute! ;)

Jane Wilson said...

you are way ahead of me kelly! wicked cute!

Kelly Medina said...

Hello Anon,

Thanks for your feedback. I too am missing being able to have a lot more free time to do other things I enjoy like sewing, baking, reading fiction, etc. But my goal for 2010 is to get my business up and running - when I am not at my full-time studio job. I am doing well and feel very proud to be able to share these projects with my readers and hope you see I love what I am doing. I am looking forward to having more time down the road to do more of my other favorite activities and be able to share them here. Again, thanks for letting me know you enjoy my blog and I hope you continue to watch me grow as an illustrator, designer, maker of things, and business woman. :)


Kelly Medina said...

Hi Jane and Julissa -

Thanks ladies! I love halloween colors! They are so fun and bright :)

Tracy said...

These are adorable! :)

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks Tracy :) So nice to see ya visiting!


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