Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going on Vacation

Hi, I'm an over-thinking worrier. I am preparing for a trip on Wednesday. I am flying to see my family and go to my high school reunion (I'm still baffled I agreed to do go to the reunion) and am very anxious about the trip.

I've always been a homebody, every since I can remember. I would have a really hard time staying overnight at my friends houses for sleep overs. I mean, I could do the first part of the night (playing, watching movies, eating candy, building forts, etc) but when it came time to sleeping I would long for being home and in my own bed with my own stuff - and sometimes the parent would have to drive my sorry butt home in the wee hours. As an adult, I still have these tendencies. I think that is why I over pack to bring as much along with me to keep my surroundings familiar. I'm a baby, I know. But oh well, it's how I am and I make do.

I've been running around shopping for a few new things to wear, digging out correct size carry-on bags, finishing projects, mentally psyching myself up that I won't die in a burning, flying tin can falling from the sky. Right now, I'm mostly a bit freaked about packing and doing it "up to code" with all the new FSA regulations. I don't want to have to empty my bags and be stared at by other folks because I didn't realize my leg hair shaver could aid in my terrorist plan. So I started putting all my beauty "condiments" in their little 3 oz. containers and I purchased a few travel size products. These are all tucked away in a clear Ziploc as instructed. Then it will be like passing a test if it all goes smoothly once I'm at the airport. I hate being tested.

But with all those worries, I decided this weekend I was going to wrap up any projects I had and get mentally ready for my trip. Instead of worrying and running around buying new this and that, I decided to spend the day with my favorite person and see Inception, get some Mucho Gusto burritos, pick some wild blackberries by our house and dink around doing nothing much. It's been nice and much needed. I'm feeling much more mentally prepared for the trip and ALMOST looking forward to it. I might just be the Super Kelly that can fly :)

P.S. Posts will continue to be spotty until my return at the start of September. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. :)


Tamara Henderson said...

I have a hard time sleeping too when I stay at someone's house or at a hotel. I spend at least an hour tossing and turning. It always help to think about nothing and I usually fall asleep. Have a great trip and have fun!!!

life without novacaine said...

I know what you mean about wanting to sleep in your own cocoon... I even have a hard time even sleeping in hotels, and to think I pay for that kind of torture!

Have a great time on your trip and at your reunion. I went to my twentieth not that long ago and although it was fun to see everyone... much more fun than the tenth, I don't think I need to ever go back again. Life sure is a trip, and one that doesn't need to include my old gym teacher!

PS. I am sure your flight will be smooth and clear. Get some rest and don't worry about anything! : )

Angela Matteson said...

I was the same way about kid slumber parties. I remember hearing some friend's loud grandfather clock chime every single hour. (We didn't have noisy timekeeping devices at my house.)

I also cuss the terrorists every time I pack now. In annoying me & causing extra stress as I decide which products I'll have to do without I'm afraid they have won this round...blah!)

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and good vibes. It helps a lot. I'm not one to share much about my oddities but I'm glad I did and it was nice to read your comments. :)

Natura said...


Enjoy your days off :)

Erin Hunting said...

This is super cute & I really like the colour scheme.
Hope your anxieties didn't ruin your holidays at all! And I am similiar, nothing like being in a familiar nest & doing what I love to do with all the things that are familiar to me.


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