Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wicked Weekend!

Earlier this week, I carved this cutie pumpkin at the design studio I work at most days. I made some Kit Kat Rice Krispie treats (yum!) and brought them in to share with my co-workers for the festivities. As I was leaving on Friday I grabbed her up (her name is Penny the Pumpkin) so I could light her up for the Halloween weekend. I have always been a bit of a terrible pumpkin carver and cringed the task. But honestly this is probably my best pumpkin carving ever, I am super proud and must share with you :)

Also, my illustrated recipe submission for They Draw and Cook site went up today! Woop! I'm so excited to see it up on the blog amongst a wonderful collection of illustrations. Salli and Nate have put together such a fantastic project and boy has it grown. Check it out!


the REAL girl said...

Just found your site and am excited reading reading reading- love all the creativity! Happy Halloween!!

The Ink House said...

Hi Kelly. I have tagged you in a Questionaire Meme. If you have the time and up for a little bit of fun I have put up some questions on my blog :D I hope you do it because I am interested to see your answers!
Cheers Liz x

Nina Seven said...

thanks for voting for me over at Spoonflower Kelly! Love your Halloween illo!


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