Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sketchbook Project - Finished!

Helloooooo! I'm here! Where have I been? Well, interesting story there. Remember when I signed up for the Sketchbook Project? I was feeling extremely freaked out about trying to let myself be free with this. I did a few drawings and just felt awkward and stressed each time. I put it on the back burner hoping I would feel rejuvenated and confident enough to fill it up. December came around and I got swamped with an awesome project (will be sharing that soon too!) . I was pretty much just going to let the Sketchbook Project go and take it as a defeat.

Then I saw a fellow illustrator, Pop-i-cock's, post about the Sketchbook Project and that she wasn't going to be able to do it either. I took that as a "okay, I'm not the only one that didn't get it done". Then the next day she posted she was going to do it! I felt a surge of inspiration and took the challenge back on. (Thanks, Pop-i-cock!) She mentioned she was doing her book in vector graphics. I hadn't even realized that was an option. I realized "HEY! I can totally do this". I had two weeks to fill the book up! So I began cranking out sketches in my little book and had fun! I added in some vector pieces to show a variety of my style.

I'm done! I did it! I had it done this Friday and was ready to ship for the postmarked deadline of Saturday, January 15. They extended the post marked deadline to Tuesday, January 18 on Friday. I felt so happy I had it done and had a little time to look it over and take pictures/scan the images. I could relax and enjoy my weekend. Actually, I ended up catching up on all my projects that I had to push off till the weekend. But those are done now too! Yay!

So here are a few images from the book. I hope you like them.

Subject is: ...You'd be home by now.

This is one of my favorites. It just cracks me up!

This is nearing the end of the book.. I made it!

Back Cover


dawn machell said...

Well done you!
It looks fab!
Glad to be of assistance! I really loved doing it in the end....just don't wanna send it off now ha ha xx

Loni Edwards said...

Great job Kelly!

Gina Perry said...

It looks great, nice work Kelly! And wowwee for doing it in short order, that's most impressive.

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks so much! *high fives all around*
It feels so good to have my head out of that book and start catching up on all that is going on around me.


life without novacaine said...

Wow, Kelly! This looks fantastic... so glad you were able to get it finished AND in a short amount of time! LOVE it!

Cassandra said...

Wow congrats Kelly!! I wish I could see the sketch book in real life!! Will you also have a digital copy of it? I love your work and think your sketch book would probably be one of the most fun!!

Mia said...

Kelly you are a star!!!


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