Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Cards for TinyPrints

I was super fortunate to be asked to participate in a Valetine's Day Greeting Card Challenge. It was a lot of work with tight deadlines, but one of the best projects I've worked on. Designing greeting cards, stationery, stickers, and party packages are my dream projects. Yay!

So pop on over to Tinyprints and send one of your sweeties a cute Valentine's Day card. They make it so easy to send customized cards, invites and even gift cards. Brilliant!

The top row:
1. Foxy Lady
2. Parachuting Pig
3. Pixie
4. Buggin' Out (one of my favorites)
5. My Best Friend

Bottom row:
6. Rockin' Bear
7. Special Delivery Bike
8. Frog Prince
9. Your Place or Mine? Birds

Here are additional designs that I wasn't able to fit in the layout above. (photos pulled from


Elizabeth Caldwell said...

They are all so cute Kelly! I love your style! Fits so well with the TP aesthetic. Those are going to be great sellers, for sure! =)

Nina Seven said...

super cute, kelly! how exciting! i love tiny prints and these cards are all adorable. my fav is the frog! you go, girl!

Pavinee said...

Super sweet! I can imagine you have a lot of fun with this project! :-D

inkspot said...

Very Very cute!!

Tracy said...

Oh these are all adorable! My favorites are the frog (LOVE that one!) and the Foxy one. You make the cutest illustrations! I wish you'd make some tutoring videos or pics for people like me who want to learn more :) Of course, I believe you use Illustrator and I use Photoshop Elements so there would be differences. Thanks for sharing these...they are so cute I wanna squeeze the screen :)

Brad said...

my goodness kelly, everyone of these designs are a delight! i bet it was hard work to get all of these done, but it was worth it!

my fav is - the dog (best friend)


Kelly Medina said...

Heh, thanks guys. I love hearing which ones are your favorites.

Tracy - you made me bust out laughing with your " cute I wanna squeeze the screen" comment. I feel like that when I see cute things online too and have to step away for a moment. hah :) So thank you very much!

Shirley said...

Wow, Kelly! Such awesome work..and I love your new blog header and look...awesome! TinyPrints is one of my favorite great that your wonderful work is a part of it! I can't choose..they're all super sweet.

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

So cute! I love your happy drawings!
My favorite is the 2 birds, "your place or mine".

Julissa Mora said...

Hi Kelly - Congrats! These are all so cute. I especially love Foxy Lady hehe :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy week to you! :)


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