Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seriously Awesome

How awesome are these!? I love them all! The item descriptions are so creative and witty.

She is my favorite!

Second favorite! But I want them all.

Gotta love that curly chest hair and 'stache!

They have birds too! *Squeal!*

(All images from the Stuf site)


Cassandra said...

Great find Kelly!! You always find great stuff!! They are super cute!!

Shirley said...

YAY, Kelly...geesh your work is so wonderful! I am loving your recent easter graphics!! And your Aliens and Space Boys are awesome..something my daughter will love. : )
OK, so these are super sweet..I love that the curly hairy chested guy has the word Madre on him. : ) Very FUN! I'm so glad it's sunny out in Oregon! Yay!! We are all definitely doing the spring dance here in CA without the rain. Wow, how do you guys handle all the rain?! Thanks for are SO nice. Glad you also noticed my little bunny! : )

Brad said...

wow these are cool! thanks for sharing!

life without novacaine said...

Awesome! I want me some o' that pirate-y love too! The one with the madre tattoo is my fav... love his little scar on his face! Tee-hee.

Your spring filled art is great girl! You are awesome and crankin' out some fun filled artwork!

Happy weekend! : )

Mel said...

Theyre really good. Wonder if they were made from spoonflower prints? I made a Matryoshka doll in a similar way but i printed it at home so the ink would run if it got wet :(


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