Sunday, September 23, 2007

Determined Visitors

Woke up this morning to find a scold of jays out at the bird feeders. They were a bit oversized to use the feeders properly. So they were improvising. One Steller's Jay was quite determined. The challenge was even more so, because I have the pole "greased" up with some vaseline to keep the squirrels from climbing it. It was amusing and impressive. I had to share.

These birds have a rather annoying section in their song - it sounds like someone rubbing wood on a metal grater and it is loud! At What Bird you can look up all sorts of birds to find out facts or birds you might not recognize. Definitely a must view for bird lovers or even just the bird curious.


Curt Rogers said...

I found this link with a wav file for the Steller's song.

(Thanks for posting Duncan! You're his hero!)

Kelly Medina said...

Did you click the link I had in the post and it didn't work? It has info and the sound the bird makes.



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