Monday, September 24, 2007

Wall Clips for Kids or Kelly!

I got some fun wall clips this weekend from Land of Nod. I have been wanting them for a few months. I finally decided I would order them, telling myself "so what if they are meant for kids, they will be so fun in my studio!". I had a hard time picking out of the 3 designs (birds, flowers, stars). I almost went with the stars, and then got the flowers instead. They are pretty inexpensive and a nice touch to any kid OR adults room. I also did mine slightly different then they do, I had a shorter wall for one, so the string hangs a bit more, but I like it. The flower one (not photographed) is done like they do them.

(sorry the photos aren't great)

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Curt Rogers said...

What a great idea! I bet you could sew some inexpensive clips of your own design, too. Like your little bird, or your elephant logo. Very neat! I want some for Christmas, and if not, you can just fold it up!


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