Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Fabric + Stuffings = Fat Pillow!

I made a big fat pillow a couple weekends ago. I didn't feel like it was cool enough to post about, but the fabric is amazing and I absolutely love using it. I'm still learning techniques for sewing (really love the craft), so I think I can do something a bit more difficult next time. I'm thinking some patchwork on the front would be nice. It is a great pillow to use when I'm drawing on the couch or bed. So I decided it was worthy of a post. And the fabric just makes me smile. Love the aqua blue and orange!


flora said...

It's very nice!! : ) Love the colors!
I got some printable fabric (cotton) from the craft store. It comes in a pack of a few 8.5" by 11" sheets. I haven't used it yet, but you can print directly from your inkjet to the fabric and sew it. Wouldn't it be nice to print out your own illustration and make pillows out of it? : ) I might try to make some log cabin pillows that way... they are a lof of fun to make too!

Kelly Medina said...

Hi Flora :)
Oh yah, I would love to have my illustrations on fabric! I recently heard about the printable fabric and want to try it out. I don't have an inkjet at home, only laser, but I want to try it out once I get one. I did buy some fabric markers and had some fun playing with those.

You just inspired me to give the log cabin technique a try.

Salix Tree said...

Oh, do try patchwork! It really is a lot of fun mixing up different fabrics in little squares and triangles. I bet you'd like it!

flora said...

Patch work or log cabin are really addictive (in a good way ;D)... I bet you will go crazy and won't stop buying cool fabrics.... be careful! hahaha... :D

Danielle McDonald said...

Hey - a sewer too! What a talent! This is really cool and it's a great choice of fabric! You should not hold back posting things you're working on! It's always interesting to see how people use their talents. I was interested to read about the printable fabric too.


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