Monday, October 15, 2007

My First Card Swap

Yippy! I received my first creative bloggin' exchange today.

I love looking at Flora's blog and when I saw she had a couple printed cards she wanted to swap I jumped right in. It was the cutest card and I was excited we were going to do an exchange. She wrote to me and said she sent it Saturday, and I got it today..Monday! Talk about speedy "snail mail"! From Kansas to Oregon in two days? So I was very happy to see it already got here. I mailed her card out today. I hope she likes it.

Here is a picture of the great card (love this illustration and colors) and a couple sheets of stickers! They are so cute. Very happy, thanks Flora! This was a lot of fun.


Danielle McDonald said...

How gorgeous are these?! I have just discovered your blog and thanks for leading me to what looks like another great one. Am off there now!

flora said...

Hahahahaha~~~ Kelly you wrote a post about this... you are so cute! Thank you!! : )
I wish I could make the stickers printed better... they were printed from my home inkjet.... I wish I had a color laser that can print envelope size stuff at home!


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