Friday, November 23, 2007


Okay, so I admit I am a slow knitter! But I'm working my way slowly through this scarf. I am very happy with it and think I am learning a lot. I learned to knit last winter, so my first scarf ended up being a complete mess and I had to restart it many times. I don't wear it now because it has a hole in it. ha! So this one is much better and I can't wait to wear it! A little voice in my head says I should make it a gift for someone, so we will see if I keep it.

I love the yarn. It is very soft and I like the neutral color. I can wear this with anything. I have a lot of store bought striped scarves (which I LOVE), so this is a nice change and very versatile. And that exact reason is why I am thinking it might end up being a gift for someone. I might just have to buck up and make another one!

I'm loving this 4 day weekend!


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