Thursday, December 27, 2007

Doodle Dee

Doodled this character quickly today at work, and I kinda liked it. I think for the new year I will try and post random doodles that I do during the day. I have sooo many pieces of paper with random drawings that I keep saved, but I forget to actually do something with most of them. Maybe if I post them I will get better at doing more with those poor, forgotten drawings. Some will be colored, some will just be rough. I plan to post the "finished" version if it gets that far.

Just warming up... :) Here is to a new year full of more doodling and sharing!


mushroommeadows said...

I love looking at people's doodles, so your idea of posting yours is super great. :)

I like your doodle's smile. It looks genuinely happy. :D

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks, I am a bit nervous about showing them for some reason. I guess because they aren't complete, but I need to get over that.

I really appreciate the support :)

cardiogirl said...

I am so surprised that you would be "a bit nervous" about showing your doodles. THEY ARE AWESOME.

I'm sorry for yelling.

They are so incredibly cool, I swear I am going to go on a marketing campaign, on your behalf, to make the world understand what a wonderfully gifted artist you are.

I just LOVE your artwork. I'm sorry to gush. I shall stop henceforth.


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