Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing Around

I'm going to play around with coloring my drawings in Photoshop - bare with me :) I usually use Illustrator to do most of my illustrations. But I would like to learn how to color my pen/pencil drawings in Photoshop. I just hope I have the patience to keep pushing through, it can be so easy to just go back to what I know, ya know?

This is rough still, but I wanted to post something today.


Danielle McDonald said...

Very cute Kelly! Love the colours, as usual!
Nice to see you stepping out or your comfort zone! I am a bit the same and just love Illustrator, but am scared of Photoshop! You just might inspire me to play around with it a bit. Keep up the great work and dont forget to share any pointers you may have along the way!

flora said...

I love Photoshop. I do everything in Photoshop, even hand lettering... now I only use Illustrator to do shapes.
You will love it once you get a hold of it! :)
The first try looks grreat!

mushroommeadows said...

hehehe this is so cute! I just got a wacom for Christmas and I still haven't opened the box! So, yeah, I know what you mean about being a little uncomfortable with the unknown. I guess, we kinda get more cautious and more stuck to our ways as we get older...


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