Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Favorite Pixar Short Film

My mother sent me a dvd of Pixar short films for my birthday (I accidently opened it early!). So I crawled in bed early and watched all of them while doodling and playing with the cats.

This is my absolute favorite short film of theirs, followed closely by Bounding, For the Birds and Jack-Jack Attack. I just love everything they make. The little girl is so cute and the humor of the film just cracks me up every time. She really shows them.

One Man Band


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

That was fun. I haven't seen that one before!

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

oh.. and your birthday is coming up? I didn't know.. hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This was great Kelly! Loved the ending and the little girl's faces are so great...specially when she wants "pay up" Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Medina said...

I'm so glad you both liked it.

Salix - Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Alicia - Aren't they adorable expressions? Oh, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing that!

I loved the end when she holds the coin and looks at them then flips out the 2nd one and they are shaking their heads the LOOK on her face when she flips them into the fountain.

I LOVE Pixar!

Happy Birthday!!


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